Scottish Castle Leadership Retreats

guthrie_image1If you’re serious, prove it.
Come to the castle that’s been inspiring great leaders for 500 years.

When was the last time a hotel inspired you?
Ready to get really serious about building your empire?

  • Welcome to Guthrie Castle, Scotland. Big Fish’s exclusive retreat for leaders and high performers.
  • The ultimate 3-5 day leadership & golf retreat package for incentive travel and executive teams. Reward, build, dream, and create.
  • Tee -off each morning on castle property, work hard in intensive strategic visioning sessions, tour daily to St. Andrew’s and other local golf courses, and build your dreams like never before.
  • Castle accommodations for up to 12. Conference hall for up to 500. Customized leadership events for your unique needs.
  • The biggest experiences happen with Big Fish. Call now.

The best way to become a bigger fish is to be trained by one.

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