Dragon Boating

dragon_image1Dragon Boat Facilitation Points:

  • It takes ONE to inspire or ONE to hold back. Which ONE do you want to be?
  • I can choose to work in silos or I can choose to collaborate… it’s all about choice!
  • Work load decreases as collaboration increases.
  • Healthy competition raises the bar of achievement. Winning inspires more of the same!
  • Conditions may change but as a team we can stay synchronized and achieve greatness.
  • When we act as one, we go further, faster, with a lot more fun!
  • Groups of 14 to 1000 with customized events and private regattas.
  • The only team sport that has 20 people per team; a better simulation of today’s business teams!
  • Supported with a bad weather “plan B” that guarantees an amazing team event.
  • We paddle what we preach. The Big Fish sponsored dragon boat team is one of the fastest in the country. Imagine what that experience will do for your teams!

dragon_image2The best way to become a bigger fish is to be trained by one.

Contact us & get it done:
Toronto: 416.763.3017, Vancouver 604-730-8882