Big Fish Racing

Sponsoring its own dragon boat racing team since 2001, Big Fish Interactive practices what it teaches!


bigrace_image2Significant History:

  • 2001: Big Fish takes over sponsorship from TRI and quickly moves into high performance results.
  • 2004: First regatta win.
  • 2004-2007: Consistent top 6 at events of 150+ teams
  • October 2006: Big Fish DB Crew introduces dragon boating to Trinidad and helps organize the country’s first festival!
  • 2006, 2007: Big Fish female teammates contribute to the Canadian Women’s Team, winning 2 back to back world championships!
  • 2008 Season: Having several members retire at the end of ’07, Big Fish merges with high performers from UCC.

2010 Race Results, out best year ever!
May 29, GWN Outer Harbour 3000m: Result: Big Fish takes all! Wining the season’s first regatta!
June 19-20, Silver Medal July 17 Toronto Island
July 28-Aug 1 – Macau Club Crew World Championships, China – Big Fish wins 5th Fastest in the World!
Sept 11-12 – GWN Challenge, Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto; Gold Medal Grand Champions!:

UPDATE for 2013/2014

After taking a year off in 2012, Big Fish is considering options for sponsoring its next world-class team. For more information contact


Big Fish walks the talk like no other training company! Ready to make your business teams world-class high performers? It’s time for Big Fish!

Big Fish Racing Team, boat #2 above, that’s close racing fishies!

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Sponsorship Opportunity:
The Big Fish Racing Team is looking for additional sponsorship to support our continued success. Drop us a line to discuss the marketing value this will give your brand as well as the complimentary teambuilding program we’ll include with the sponsorship package.

Watch Big Fish Dragon Boat Crew win the qualifier on June 20, 2009

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