Entrepreneurial Thinking

entrepre_image1Entrepreneurs are driven by a need to Think Outside the Bowl™. It’s about challenging conventional wisdom to out-maneuver changes in the market place or to harvest new opportunities. We teach you how:

  • Return to the expansive thinking that got business started in the first place. Whether you work for a bank, a hospital, or fast moving tech firm, a good dose of fresh approaches can re-write your success story.
  • Develop Entrepreneurial Thinking Systems that support positive shifts in company culture.
  • Explore our Evolving Leaders training programs and learn how to integrate entrepreneurial best practices into traditional corporate structures.
  • Try our best-selling simulation game, Sink r’ Swim™. It’s an amazing entrepreneurial simulation that positions competing teams in a rapidly changing market. Being responsive won’t be enough. Innovating on the fly might.
  • Ask about our customized New Manager & Executive Coaching packages for building innovative dream teams.

entrepre_image2The best way to become a bigger fish is to be trained by one.

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