Every day is race (and media) day

At Big Fish Interactive, we’re committed to sharing our in-depth analysis and front-line knowledge of North American business trends with the press (download our media kit here). Big Fish Interactive founder Andrew Reid is available at any time to field media inquiries and serve as a resource on a wide range of topics including:

  • Managing organizational change in turbulent economic times
  • Rebuilding morale and confidence in the workplace in a post-recession economic environment
  • Strategies to unlock untapped organizational potential in periods of recession and growth
  • How employees, managers and business owners can achieve balance at work and in their private lives
  • How to build team synergy and address productivity issues in the workplace
  • Strategies to develop strong leadership in the workplace from staff, to managers, to owners
  • Concrete tactics to help employees achieve their full workplace potential
  • Common human resources roadblocks faced by managers and how to overcome them
  • Inspiring managerial vision, encapsulating it into a coherent plan and putting it into action to drive revenue and growth
  • Spurring productivity by ensuring that employees’ opinions are addressed at work and integrated into best practices to allow them to achieve successful outcomes
  • Establishing corporate accountability for optimal results
  • Strategies to transform employees from mere performers into those that perform at the highest levels possible
  • Tactics to motivate sales teams to drive revenue and fuel growth

Media Contact:

To schedule an interview with Big Fish Interactive founder Andrew Reid, please contact:

Chris Atchison

Shockwave Strategic Communications


Download Big Fish Press Kit (PDF)