• High performing teams are more resilient, agile and flexible given the stresses and pressures of our current work environment.
• Allowed me to see issues with another perspective thereby decreasing the emotion. Allowed me to make expectations explicit in group setting.
• Provided me with a focus in terms of self-development, an enhanced understanding of others and an ability to reframe appropriately.
• It has enabled me to see more clearly how my role and contributions affect the organization. I feel more confident in my ability to influence change as a result of the coaching.
• The push for alignment/synchronicity is central to our efforts – regardless of whether it’s on the water or in the office.
• We are all in it together and we all want the organization to succeed.
• Continue to work on communicating and valuing my role on the team.
• The importance of synergy. The notion of the flywheel. Moving forward with innovation even if not all things are in place yet (being comfortable with some ambiguity and some risk). The power of holding others able.
• A true “work smarter, not harder” collaborative experience that I often (mentally) return to.
• A sense that we’re all in this together.
• A better understanding of what motivates my colleagues.
• Biggest take-away(s) were the positive reinforcement of the team concept as it applies in the work setting: greater collective outcomes when efforts are combined; efficiencies in efforts/tasks produces optimal outcomes for all, defining roles, etc…

Leadership Team comments, CCAC Healthcare, after year 1 of our Change Management Process, August 2012


“Andrew Reid is a TERRIFIC Keynote Speaker! Andrew delivered an outstanding presentation on “Leadership Styles” to a very interested captive audience at last night’s meeting of the Canadian Institute of Certified Administrative Managers in Burlington. The feedback received was all extremely positive. Andrew’s keynote was very informative, well organized, highly energetic, and very well delivered. Andrew is true expert on Leadership, and I highly recommend her as a speaker at your next event!” April 29, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Phil Russo hired Andrew as a Keynote Speaker in 2010

Melissa Bell has endorsed your work as CEO, Company Founder at Big Fish Interactive Inc.
Dear Andrew,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Andrew provided an educational, insightful and challenging program for the PCMA Canada East chapter. His topic of “Focus on Results: Living Life on the Other Side of the Finish Line” provided skills and practices that are applicable both personally and professionally.

Engaging, creative, intelligent and funny….
I would absolutely recommend Andrew as a trainer, speaker or coach! Thanks Andrew!”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Having been active in the Banking industry for some thirty five years I have never had a direct coach/mentor. I’ve had plenty of close friends, business associates and clients to discuss a variety of matters with but never someone who could truly be labeled Coach. In retrospect the concept was probably introduced to me thirty years too late. I’ve very much enjoyed the sessions with Andrew who has a wonderful knack of having you focus on the issues at hand, your needs, your desires your past and your future and how you can impact the ultimate outcome. It is interesting to discover many things about yourself that explains motivations, both good and bad, that impacted your actions and reactions in the past and how this better understanding can influence things going forward. I really look forward to our sessions. They are candid and honest.

R. Kelso
Sr. VP, BNP Paribas

James Perly, business owner, growth capital consulting:
“I’ve done a lot of public speaking, but Big Fish coaching taught me how to connect with my audience at a level that had them engaged and listening at a level that I had never achieved before. I have never had such a strong positive response from any talk I’ve given previously.”

The gift to be able to motivate a large crowd is truly rare. Andrew
Reid, of Big Fish Interactive in my opinion has that gift. Registration for our dragon boating event had been lack-luster through our internal efforts leading up to the event. The morning of was cold and windy, hard to take for hardy Canadians let alone our American colleagues used to warmer climes. As people huddled over their breakfast, Andrew was able to not just get the attention of our 400 hung-over and tired Gen X’ers. He also got them to put their fear of being wet and cold into context by chanting “lumpy side up, smooth side down” to much laughter. The proof though, is always in the pudding. His ability to mobilize and inspire the crowd was realized after breakfast with the rush of people to sign up. We had a full 20% more staff sign-up to brave both the elements and their own perceptions.

Suchitra Davies-Webb
Training Director, SoftChoice Inc.

Dear Andrew,

I realize this is a bit overdue but I would like to thank you for taking the time to be with our delegates at Q’BET 2008 this year. I have gotten some fabulous feedback from those who attended your workshop. I feel privileged to have sat in both of your presentations. This year’s conference was an overwhelming success. Without contribution from our speakers, none of this would have been possible. We cannot thank you enough. We hope that you enjoyed your time at Q’BET. If you have any feedback or comment we would love to hear from you.
I have heard many great things about you from Harpaul and I would love to stay in touch to connect and learn from you. If your firm offers more comprehensive workshop programs and coaching in Toronto please let me know. I am applying to be the chair of Q’BET 2009 and would appreciate resources and training to bring together a group of individuals for a highly efficient team. I look forward to your reply.

Joon Park
Speakers Coordinator, Q’BET 2008 Queen’s University, Business School

One of the most enthusiastic individuals I know is a Canadian named Andrew Reid.
Andrew is a born adventurer, Entrepreneur and sportsman. As Andrew sees it, “Every day is
race day!” With that level of excitement, that quest for adventure driving his life, Andrew is becoming
one of our most successful graduates of the Castle Seminar. He writes, “Within a few months of taking the QLA, I had tripled my access to company funding, made much bolder choices around growth and helped turn my racing team into one of the fastest in the country.”
Andrew is featured in Dan Pena’s
newest book , Your First 100 Million 2nd edition.
December 2008

Andrew Reid is featured in Dan Pena’s recent publication, Your First 100 Million. www.danpena.com

“After my first coaching appointment with Big Fish, the corner that I had put myself in in my career development opened up into a new world of working from parts of myself that had never been encouraged or highlighted before. The chameleon in me was put to rest and I was working from my unique strengths with effective techniques and creating the career path I wanted. The process is subtle, yet forceful and rapidly rewarding. During the process, Andrew was there to guide and open my mind to the next step, to where I am autonomously moving forward using new tools with focus and clarity; and sustaining my new-found career -and life happiness.” (insert raising the roof dance)
From: Fiona Hickey
April 9, 2010

“10/10; outstanding course”
“feel empowered”
“I need to step back and visualize the long term goals”
“delivered-exceeded my expectations”