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We believe that our team is not much different from your team. In order to thrive in our environment we need to be able to count on and trust each other. We rely on the dedication of the group to drive our business forward based on our vision and company direction. Our team comes to Big Fish from many different backgrounds and industries, from some of the largest companies to leading community organizations, from the IT and engineering professions, to HR and adult education. Together we continue to learn, teach and share our insights with each other and with the people we serve.

This adds up to a team that delivers strong, measurable results to our clients.

Read the individual team bios to learn more about the people that make up Big Fish.

fish_bioAndrew Reid, Biggest Fish
Linda Ferguson
Gavin Maxwell
Lida Preyma
Ada Tang
Shilpa Panchmatia


Andrew T. Reid

Andrew T Reid, Biggest Fish, Management Consultant.

Company founder Andrew Reid is the prototypical big fish in search of deeper, wider seas to explore. He began Big Fish so that he could invite others to share his passion for exploration, business relationship and innovation. He attracts strong swimmers who know when to move with the currents, when the tides are turning, and when to swim upstream. Andrew has worked as a senior management consultant with clients such as Teranet and Effem-Mars Inc. for over 7 years. He has also specialized consulting with rapid growth technology clients since 1991.

Andrew’s focus on alternative training practices began with his degree in Sociology in the 1980s with a focus on corporate human structures and management systems. Andrew’s focus on alternative training practices began with his degree in Corporate Sociology in the 1980s. It fishtailed into marketing solutions with international players, an experience that whetted his appetite for training professional teams. He cut his teeth with the world’s largest outdoor adventure company. Then he spawned Big Fish Interactive Inc. (1995-96), now one of North America’s freshest, fastest training companies.

Today, Andrew’s desire to make the workplace an optimized experience is the current that drives every training program Big Fish delivers. He makes it inspiring, relevant, and fun to Think Outside the Bowl™. Most recently, the fish has jumped from the water into the halls of historic Guthrie Castle in Scotland. Five hundred years ago, Andrew’s ancestors built the castle. Now it hosts fast-paced training programs for world-class business leaders.

Andrew learned how teams move fast as a member of Canada’s International Dragon Boat Team in Sweden in August 2000 where that crew surprised the Euro locals with a 500m win. Today, Big Fish Interactive sponsors its own dragon boat team that is on its way to becoming the fastest in the country. They rely on tenacity, teamwork and a focus on winning. Andrew brings his fierce, competitive racing edge to clients in helping them find their own new competitive edge through their people.

These same qualities characterize the leadership, management, sales and technical training Andrew has produced for leading clients since 1989.


LindaFergusonLinda R. Ferguson, Management Consultant, Leadership and Coaching

Linda Ferguson is a Senior Management Consultant under contract to Big Fish Interactive Inc. In this role she provides coaching to client’s senior management as well as designing leadership strategies for clients such as Dollar General, York Region, and many of our client’s sales teams.

Linda blends her time at Big Fish with NLP Canada Training Inc. She joined this firm as a management consultant in the summer of 2002 and has been a Senior Partner and Management Consultant since 2003. As a Senior Partner she is responsible for consulting with corporate and individual clients to improve productivity, motivation and satisfaction. She designs group training and individual programs to facilitate development in business communication, sales and influence, and management. Clients have included individuals and groups from these organizations: the CIBC, the Calgary Police Service, the Michener Institute, Proctor and Gamble, Toronto Dominion Securities, ADT Security, Investors Group, and many entrepreneurial and mid-size enterprises.

Linda designs new courses including all relevant resources, leads all course offerings and corporate trainings, and trains new consultants.




GavinMaxwellGavin Maxwell, High Performance Coach & Team Development, Management Consultant.>

Gavin Maxwell is a high performance coach in the truest sense. Having raced C1 canoe in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics for Canada, he knows a thing or two about pushing limits. Gavin balances an intense focus on results with engaging humour when facilitating Big Fish teambuilding events.

You’ll see Gavin running our Dragon Boat team building events as well as inspiring positive growth during corporate training. He is a powerful speaker, motivator and high performance coach with a long history of achievement and inspiring the best of people. To his credit, Gavin has been the driving force within the Big Fish sponsored Dragon Boat Crew. In 4 seasons he’s coached the Big Fish team from being a “good competitive team” to now being one of the fastest in the country…a force to be reckoned with.