Media Backgrounder

In 1995, company founder Andrew Reid appeared on a cable TV talk show to talk about his latest venture. When the host asked the name of the company Reid, who had been mulling over names, blurted out Big Fish Interactive. In a moment, Big Fish was born.

Reid has since translated his vision of the workplace to help thousands of business leaders and employees to do the things each day that they are most passionate about. Big Fish teambuilding and leadership training programs are designed to inspire corporate teams to think big, align their needs to work better together, and create great results within a thriving environment.

Reid, a competitive dragon boat paddler, uses his passion for paddling as a metaphor to turn teams that simply perform into high performing teams. It starts with helping employees think differently about themselves and the workplace. Over the years, the Big Fish team has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as a number of the next generation of high tech star performers.

In late 2004, Reid began the second chapter of Big Fish by teaming up with Scotland’s famed Guthrie Castle to provide executive leadership training to European and North American business leaders.

Some of the Big Fish Interactive programs offered include:

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Teambuilding and Trust
  • Thrivor – medieval role-playing game
  • Dragon boating
  • Thinking Outside the Bowl™ – embracing creativity in the workplace
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Sink r Swim – simulation game that places participants in real-world work situations

    Big Fish Top 6

    1. When professionals learn to trust each other with their own lives, it’s amazing how the little issues tend to disappear.
    2. If your competitor is out-spending you, then build a strategy to out create them. Creativity isn’t the solution…it’s the path to it.
    3. A company can only excel when it taps into the full potential of each individual.
    4. We all owe it to ourselves to only do what we are most passionate about.
    5. Thinking outside the bowl is all about thinking beyond what is comfortable and taking the leap into the new positive.
    6. We get what we put out. If we don’t like the results, we need to put out something different.

    For more information about Big Fish, call Andrew Reid at 416-763-3017 or visit