Corporate Dragon Boat Events in Vancouver & Toronto

biv j 24 3The ultimate corporate team building activity, Dragon Boating. Join us in Vancouver and Toronto or we’ll bring boats to your favorite resort!

Testimonies prove the business relevance for our clients:
• The dragon boating experience was a powerful way to physically “feel” the team’s synchronicity and truly understand what high performance “feels” like at the organizational level.
• Dragon boating supported informal relationship building, allowed a chance to see individuals outside of their usual work environments, was a really fun way to learn the value of teamwork and synergy and for me the “unusual” nature of the learning experience cements those lessons more clearly in my head.
• Dragon Boating – so out of the ‘usual’. Great to see people in another setting.
• Dragon boating was tops IMO – different environment, physically and socially based (as opposed to intellectually based, etc…) Impactful exercise that acts as a physical metaphor. There were no managerial layers with this team building exercise, and all the roles were primarily the same, which makes this exercise unique and distinguishes it from the others.
• Out of the box approach and lots of analogies to draw from it
• It adds an extra element of camaraderie when leadership events are external and something new for most participants (equal and neutral playing ground).
• Excellent experience.
Healthcare client